Joseph H. Pilates developed his unique exercise framework in the early 20th century drawing on many disciplines including yoga, gymnastics and dance. Originally known as "Contrology", it aims to restore natural, normal movement. As your self-awareness increases, your body is encouraged to adopt these easier / more efficient ways of moving into your everyday life.

The exercises concentrate on deep structural elements of the body, improving postural alignment and developing inner strength. They are gentle and precise and therefore extremely safe and effective.

Pilates is an extremely flexible framework of exercises, allowing it to be tailored to any age and / or fitness level so whatever your fitness level, you will benefit from doing Pilates.


Key Elements

FocusImproving your body awareness
BreathPromoting an efficient way of breathing
ReleaseRecognising and releasing undue tension
Core Stability
Identifying the "girdle of strength", to help protect your lower back and other major joints within the body including the shoulders
AlignmentPromoting healthy joints and sound muscle recruitment patterns
StaminaImproving the strength of deep stabilising muscles to increase endurance and help rectify postural imbalances
IntegrationEnabling you to co-ordinate breathing and core stability with increasingly challenging movement patterns for the whole body

 The Goals of Pilates

  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Improved Posture
  • Self-Awareness
  • Efficiency of Movement
  • Co-ordination
  • Integration of the Mind and the Body


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"Rob has a very intuitive style and thinks deeply about Pilates and how best to use it for the benefit of each individual client, and it is no coincidence that many of his clients, myself included, are of many years' standing." Florence, Croydon (read more..)

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