Private Lessons

Private lessons offer you an individual approach, adding the dimension of increasing potential for greater movement, supported and guided by cleverly designed Pilates machines, as well as refining your matwork technique / repertoire.

Sessions are normally 1 hour long. They may be shared to reduce the cost, but you will still follow your own programme. 


What is so special about working on the machines?

They can be adjusted to suit each individual client's needs and in addition:

  • Are fun and dynamic
  • Add resistance
  • Guide movement
  • Allow for thousands of variations
  • Create security for the body
  • Challenge and support
  • Make Pilates inclusive for all
  • Aid re-education of movement patterns
  • Are used to rehabilitate following injury


Rob will normally ask you to attend an Initial Consultation to ensure he understands your objectives as well as any limitations your body currently has.


The Studio

Rob's small private Studio has a Trapeze Table, Reformer combination unit, a Combo Chair, Step Barrel plus various other smaller pieces of equipment including Baby Arc, Wobble Board, Foam Rollers, etc.

The room itself offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere to help you focus.



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"Rob's one-to-one sessions are great, as the exercises can be tailored to help with any specific issues... It's led to such an improvement in my back problems, trips to the osteopath are now, thankfully, few and far between." Lizzie, Sevenoaks (read more..)

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